'Tones Book 1' - New Junior Cycle Music Book

This is an 80-page textbook and workbook combined and is accompanied by a manuscript copy that has pages laid out for designated practice exercises.

The student will be led through the different areas of the new course, with classroom-based assessment components outlined during the journey. The book has 8 chapters. At the core of these chapters are the three elements of "Creating, Exploring and Appraising", underpinned by the "6 Statements of Learning" and the "8 Key Skills".

The book is laid out as follows:

Let's Start! Chapter 1 covers the introductory information needed for the students' Junior Cycle journey. Here, the student will find music toolboxes for Rhythm, Pitch, Structure and the Orchestra. Written exercises, to be completed in the 'Tones 1' manuscript copy, are suggested here.

Let's Create! Part 1. Chapters 2 and 3 dip into sixteen of the Learning Outcomes that specifically discuss Rhythm and Pitch. These include ostinati, raps and comparisons.

Let's Listen! Chapters 4 and 5 concentrate on Listening, Styles and Performing. In total, 26 of the Junior Cycle Learning Outcomes are addressed in these chapters. The students are introduced to different styles of music and are brought through music creation using different sound sources.

Let's Create! Part 2. Chapters 6 and 7 are the composing and harmonising chapters. While chapters 2 and 3 introduce the students to the sixteen Rhythm and Pitch Learning Outcomes, chapters 6 and 7 concentrate on the seventeen full composing and harmonising tasks.

Let's Perform! The final chapter centres on performing and music-making; it includes a section on 'copyright issues'.

As CDs are becoming obsolete (with students complaining they have nowhere to play a CD except in the car!), there is no CD accompanying 'Tones 1'. However, as well as receiving a teacher manual, the teacher will have access to all the audio files. Along with this, the teacher will receive music show-me boards for each student in the class.

The projected price of the book will be in the region of 18.

We look forward to being there during this exciting new time in music and providing whatever material you need. Any suggestions are always welcome. It is a learning period for us all.